Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are The Qualifications To Apply?

    Your application will be analyzed on an individual basis. Generally, we hope for at least one of the following: (1) some kind of formal Bible training, OR, (2) some type of previous ministry experience that has prepared you for your mission work. If you are just beginning in your mission work, we can try help you network with more experienced veteran missionaries for a period of internship.

  • Why Not Just Start My Own Office?

    Most missionaries do not have a budget that can afford an office and all that goes with it. Computers, printers, supplies, IRS regulations, staff -- it all means a lot of money AND specialized knowledge. Our Missionary Agency is already set up to help you -- and for much less than it would cost to start, staff, and maintain your own organization on an on-going basis.

  • Where Will My Support Come From?

    Your support base will come from friends, churches, and other contacts that God will lead you to. We will give you important guidance on how to trust God for the support that is necessary for your work. We have had the joy of helping many individuals and families raise (and maintain) their budgets for the mission field.

  • Do I Really Need An Agency Like Yours?

    THE ANSWER IS "YES!" The complexity of today's mission work demands that you have accurate record keeping, consistent communication with your supporters, and a regular flow of reports from a home office. Generally, well-meaning friends and churches are not prepared to meet these specialized needs. You do not need the frustration and expense of trying to run an office while you are working in a foreign country.

  • Do You Charge For Your Service To Us?

    After the one-time setup fee of $99, there is a monthly fee of 8%. Other fees may apply (i.e. wire transfer fees if we cannot deposit funds directly into Associate’s bank account; online giving through the MissionStream website may be subject to a small transaction fee). This is the lowest charge of any mission agency!

  • What Is Your Statement Of Faith?

    We believe: in the inspiration of the Bible; in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; in the virgin birth of Christ; in His blood atonement and bodily resurrection; in salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone; in New Testament soul winning, and in the personal return of Jesus Christ.

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