God's Passion

The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.

God's heart beats with an unstoppable love for His creation. He has sought those who have rebelled against Him and desires to forgive them and bring them back into His family. He came to rescue humanity, sending His only Son, Jesus Christ, to show us His great love and call us to follow Him. His love crosses ethnic, cultural, socio-economical, and political barriers.

Jesus prayed to His Father saying, "In the same way You sent Me into this world, I am sending them." - John 17:18. Do you know what God is calling you to do?

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable followers of Jesus to follow God into the specific mission He has called them to. We assist missionaries who need a dependable home office. We help missionaries who affiliate with us by providing the logistic support and individual care necessary to be successful in short or long term missionary service

Get Involved

2000 years ago Jesus commissioned His followers to make disciples of all nations and today He continues calling us to do the same. Get involved. Send a missionary by making a donation, or contact us, so we can discuss where God is leading you and how we can help.