What We Do


We assist local churches by providing their missionaries with dependable Stateside office. This allows the missionary to benefit from specialized assistance that most churches are not prepared for. We assist the missionary with friendship and oversight. We can offer advice and counsel when called upon. Another benefit that our affiliates enjoy is being networked with the other MissionStream Missionaries.

Financial Support.

When a donation is received for you we deposit the money into an account that has been established just for you. The donor receives a receipt letter or email, whichever they prefer. This one service alone is critical to the success of any missionary. These letters remind ALL your active people to pray for you and financially stand with you. Each letter has a return coupon with YOUR NAME printed on it and a return envelope.

Donor Lists.

We computerize and maintain the missionary's mailing list and keep up with on-going changes such as new supporters, name and address changes, new and revised pledges, etc. We also handle questions and phone calls that come in from your friends and supporters. We represent you by telephone and by mail in a professional and positive manner.

" Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation " - Jesus (Mark 16:15)

Web Services.

Your name or ministry name will be placed in the "donation" page of our website where donors can set up one-time or monthly giving from a checking account or credit card. Donors can set up a personal account on our website to monitor their giving. Upon request, we can help donors set up and/or manage their online giving.

Getting The Money To You.

We make deposits to the missionary's personal checking account or a wire transfer to their bank account once a month. We also send a package of computer reports to the missionary that keeps them informed on the deposited amounts, name and address changes, pledges, active donors, etc. We can provide address labels and specialized reports upon request. We also forward any personal correspondence that comes in.

Financial Accountability.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we provide the umbrella of accountability that donors appreciate. We provide giving reports to donors upon request and donation reports to you on request.

Missionary Care.

We value the missionaries we send and want to be a resource and support to you. We like to be in contact regularly with our missionaries to be an encouragment and prayer support for you.